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服務熱線 0512-66899880







地址:中國 江蘇省蘇州市吳江區梗田路166號


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品牌 ROOF 型號 指紋密碼3合1
報警功能 類型 指紋密碼保險柜
功能特性 其他 用途 其他


The biometric fingerprint safe is designed for unlocking by either fingerprint or mechanical cipher dial.

Ideal for keeping cash, jewelry and important documents of families, finance division of company, archives room.


ü Easy Programmable Biometric Slide Sensor Lock

ü Fast, One-touch Easier Access

ü Security and Power Status Shown by a Series of LED Display and Buzzer Feedback for Each Operation

ü 3000-time Operation life expectancy of battery

ü Pre-drilled Holes inside with Fixing Bolts for Anchoring

ü Black Durable Premium Powder Coated

ü Constructed with 1/8" Thick Solid Steel

ü Heavy-Duty Chrome Steel Dual 3/4" Pin Bolt Throw System

ü Inside Tamper-proof Hinges

ü Removable Shelf

ü Carpet Padding Inside the Safe

ü Mounted on Floor or Wall

ü Come with CE Certification

ü Include 1 year Manufacturer Warranty

Capacity of Fingerprints:

29 Entries

Exterior Dimension:

18"H x 13 1/4"W x 15 1/4"D

Interior Dimension:

17 1/2"H x 13"W x 14 1/2"D

Operating Voltage:

6 Volt

Batteries Required:

4 AA Batteries ( included )

Registration Speed:

<2 Seconds

Identification Speed:

<1 Second

Failed Recognition Rate (FRR):

<1 %

False Accept Rate (FAR):

<0.001 %

Maximum Opening Times:


Working Current:

200 mA ( During Identification )

Operating Temperature:

-10℃to 55℃

Storage Temperature:

-40℃to 80℃

Operation Humidity:

< 85%

Registration Speed:

< 2 s

Identification Speed:

< 1 s

Please do not remove the label on the top left corner as it will be a record reminder for the manufacturer when you forget your mechanical cipher dial numbers. Or you can have it recorded somewhere else if you would like to hide it from other people's view. Users can unlock the safe with mechanical dial for the first time.

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