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服務熱線 0512-66899880







地址:中國 江蘇省蘇州市吳江區梗田路166號


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品牌 ROOF 型號 T-30ZW-A
報警功能 類型 指紋密碼保險柜
功能特性 其他 用途 其他

The biometric fingerprint safe is designed for unlocking by either fingerprint or key. The product features in optical fingerprint sensor and excellent anti-destruction capability.

Ideal for keeping cash, jewelry and important documents of families, finance division of company, archive room,

ü Easy programmable biometric slide sensor lock

ü Two options to open - by fingerprints or keys

ü Up to 29 pieces of fingerprints can be programmed - 1 administrator & 28 guest fingerprints

ü Fast, one-touch easier access

ü Security and power status shown by a series of LED display and buzzer feedback for each operation

ü 3000-time operation life expectancy of battery

ü Pre-drilled holes inside with fixing bolts for anchoring

ü Black durable premium powder coated

ü Constructed with 1/8" thick solid steel

ü Heavy-duty chrome steel dual 3/4" pin bolt throw system

ü Inside tamper-proof hinges

ü Removable shelf

ü Carpet padding inside the safe

ü Mounted on floor or wall

ü Come with CE certification

ü One year manufacturer warranty

Capacity of Fingerprints:

29 Entries

Exterior Dimension:

11 7/8"H x 15"W x 11 7/8"D

Interior Dimension:

11"H x 14 7/8"W x 9"D

Operating Voltage:

6 Volt

Batteries Required:

4 AA Batteries ( included )

Registration Speed:

<2 Seconds

Identification Speed:

<1 Second

Failed Recognition Rate (FRR):

<1 %

False Accept Rate (FAR):

<0.001 %

Maximum Opening Times:


Working Current:

200 mA ( During Identification )

Operating Temperature:

-10℃to 55℃

Storage Temperature:

-40℃to 80℃

Operation Humidity:

< 85%

Registration Speed:

< 2 s

Identification Speed:

< 1 s

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